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Learn How to Upholster - Upholstery DVDs

Note: Advanced Level DVDs are currently on back order. We'll advise when they become available again.

Have you ever thrown out a perfectly good chair that you once loved because the cat shredded the arms of it? Or an expensive sofa that your Uncle Tommy dropped his burning cigar on and left a crater-sized burn mark?

Have you ever considered having them re-upholstered instead? Too expensive? What about learning it yourself?

Master Upholsterer Ron Switchuk has put together two step-by-step Learn How to Upholster DVDs to help you teach yourself the art of upholstery. Not only does Ron have 35+ years in the business, but since 1988, he has taught upholstering as a Continuing Education Instructor, earning praise for his down-to-earth style and in-depth knowledge of the trade. With the help of these easy to follow Instructional DVDs, now you too can learn how to upholster.

You will learn the basic techniques of how to upholster on our Introductory Upholstery DVD. Further knowledge can be attained in our more Advanced Upholstery DVD. It is our goal to help you learn how to upholster easily and quickly. Our instructions are very easy to follow, but should you run into difficulty, we offer FREE Ongoing Support!

Take the time to watch our clips of the DVDs. You’ll see that making a showpiece out of that old chair you have in the attic is just a mouse click away!

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